To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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Somers Lacrosse Association

Meeting Minutes 2/2/12 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Elaine Beebe


Attending; Kevin Foye, Trish Olynciw, Jim Jewell, Rich Brewer, Rose Zachary, Joleen Speight, John Paley, Mark Murdoch, Ken McCarthy, Elaine Beebe, Rick Irish, Ron Fasano


  • 1. Approval and meeting minutes 1/10/12

  • 2. Treasurer’s report by Rose Zachary

  • 3. President’s report- Mark Murdoch

    • a. Field usage plans- Girls plan to use Shallowbrook 3/19 to 4/1. Boys will wait until the town opens the fields. Need to get goals from storage.

    • b. Gym Schedule- Requests have been made but usage is contingent upon when the basketball season ends.

    • c. Referee Clinics- Notice has been sent to eligible High school students. Ellington has deferred their ref. requests to Somers. This gives Somers ref’s more opportunities.

      • i. Longmeadow- Feb

      • ii. South Windsor- 2/28, 3/7

    • d. Coaches clinics

      • i. Level 1 Us Lax- Best suited for youth coaches (basic concepts, hands on skill development; Feb 4 th in Foxboro Ma, Feb 12 th in Groton Ct, March 10 th in Groton Ma.-George Colton attending

      • ii. Us Lacrosse- Level 2- youths seeking advanced drills and game concepts: March 4 in Farmington- Jim Jewell attending

      • iii. Connecticut Coaches Convention- March 11

      • iv. Girl’s Coaches have been notified, Kevin will contact boy’s coaches.


    • e. Web store- Elaine Beebe is setting up store for on-line orders with direct shipping to customer. The board does not want to carry inventory. There will be a clearance sale at the Feb 4 th registration day for items in our inventory. Ken McCarthy has car stickers for sale.

    • f. Cannon’s tickets were offered at a discounted rate. The board decided to pass on the purchase of these tickets.

  • 4. Registration Update- Girls, 48 registered as of 2/1/12: several new players signed up at all levels. Joleen reports many phone calls and high interest level this year. 89 played in 2011; 2012 goal is 100 players. Ballpark estimates are 22-24 seniors, 28-30 juniors, 24-26 bantams, 18-20 instructional

    • a. Registration day – Library- Feb 4 th 10:00-1:00. Overview of Items Action List.

  • 5. VP Reports

    • a. Kevin Foye-Boys

      • i. Coach selection is not complete

        • 1. Senior A -John Paley and Fran Marocchini

        • 2. Senior B-David Graham, Pat Kennedy and Bruce Urban have been approached.

        • 3. Junior A- Kevin Foye and Dean Giachello,

        • 4. Junior B-Bantam and Instructional-TBD.

      • ii. Skills and drills clinics TBD

      • iii. Kick off meeting date TBD

      • iv. Referee Clinics – Communicated by Mark Murdoch

      • v. Tournament booking TBD

    • b. Joleen Speight- Girl’s update

      • i. Coaches selection complete, posted in last meeting minutes. There is still a need for an assistant to Jim Jewell in the senior Level.

      • ii. Girls coaches season planning meeting held Jan 31: next one is Feb 29 th

      • iii. Coaching staff is getting US Lacrosse training

      • iv. Equipment and uniform inventory being taken; orders ready by Feb 29 th

      • v. No pre-season clinic to be held in Somers; encouraging Spfld college clinic On Feb 11 th

      • vi. Jim Jewell running pre-season conditioning sessions in early March for Senior and Junior girls.

      • vii. CRV ( Mass) and CVGYL (CT) girls league may combine-discussions Feb 7 and 13

      • viii. Girls scheduling meeting CT is March 12; no date yet for Mass

      • ix. CVGYL will begin offering clinics on targeted topics run by Duclos and others and also launch Central website

      • x. Team schedules loaded into Somers Lax website by all coaches by March 23

      • xi. Girls Season Schedules (in development)

        • 1. Pre-Season Conditioning; March 2-16 9 (juniors/seniors)

        • 2. Senior schedule: Kickoff 2/26, 2/19 first practice; sessions M,W,F,Sat

        • 3. Junior Schedule: Kickoff 3/25, 3/31 first practice; sessions M,W,F,Sat

        • 4. Bantam Schedule: Kickoff TBD- Practices start 4/3; sessions T,Th,Sat

        • 5. Instructional Schedule: Practice Sundays 4/15-5/20 at 3:30;end of season event 5/31

  • 6. Committees

    • a. Bowers

      • i. Sponsors- Joleen and Elaine will be formatting and communicating sponsor agreements.

      • ii. D.J is confirmed

      • iii. Registration forms have been sent to last year’s participants and forms have been posted on website. Elaine Beebe will handle registration.

      • iv. Bowers Scholarship Committee has updated the application and will be communicating with the high school.

  • 7. Close of meeting 8:30. Next meeting March 8 th at Kibbe.