To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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 Somers Lacrosse Association
Meeting Minutes 1/10/12
Submitted by:  Elaine Beebe
Attending; Mark Murdoch, Joleen Speight, Jim Jewell, Fran Marocchini, Kevin Foye, Rich Brewer and Elaine Beebe
  1. Approval of minutes from 12/8/12
  2. Treasurer’s report-Current bank balances were provided, but MaryBeth and Rose were unable to attend.  “Current versus Budget” status was not reviewed.
  3. President’s topics
    1. Spring registrations are ongoing managed by Rich Brewer and Dean G.  Rich will send out continuing broadcasts on the 17th and 31st.  Elaine will send Rich store information to broadcast before the Feb. 4th reg. Day.
    2. Winter registrations are ongoing and managed by Rich Brewer and Dean Giachello.  Need a push for more high school players. Second senior team contingent on the number of sign ups.
    3. Rec. Board status- Kevin Foye attended the 12/13/11 Rec. Committee meeting and presented potential collateral impacts of SLA moving the Spring season to town fields only.  Including; moving girl’s teams from Shallowbrook, soccer could assume MBA fields, SLA would request fields at Field Rd. and Sokol Rd. and the potential for a Bantam field at the baseball outfield.   The committee then recommended a meeting in Mid-January of all sports to review # of teams, field requests and a solution to the field issue.
    4. Mark received letter from BOF stating, the field issues should be addressed by BOE and Selectmen.  Mark will put together an information letter to post on our website as well as send an e-mail blast to encourage awareness and support from the Association.  Mark will inform everyone on the possibility of attending the next special meeting.
    5. Advertising, distribution of signs and confirmation of the Library for registration info has been completed.  Elaine B will send out 1 more flyer to 1st and 2nd grade only by the end of Jan.
    6. Kevin Foye will take care of additional rental equipment by the next meeting.
    7. There was no report of the SLA charity check to USAAI from Mary Beth M.
    8. Clothing store will be set-up by Elaine.  It will be open online mid-January through mid-Feb.  Elaine, Mark and Joleen will have a special meeting discussing details.
    9. Rich Brewer will take care of Bantam inventory and report info to Mark. M.
    10. Mark handed out standards, expectations and team budgets.  Attachment is below.
    11. Field requests have been submitted but are contingent on the resolution of the field usage issues.
  1. Girls review from Joleen Speight
    1. Registrations
                                                               i.      23 registered as of 1/10/12
                                                             ii.      89 played in 2011; 2012 goal is 100 players
                                                            iii.      Ballpark estimates are 22-24 seniors, 26-28 juniors, 20-22 bantams, 18-20 instructional
  1. Focus for 2012:  Skill development at all levels
  2. Coaching Staff/ US lacrosse training
  3. Equipment and uniform inventory being taken; orders ready by Feb 29
  4. Girls season planning meetings; Jan 31 and Feb 29
  5. Trying for a Pre-Season girls clinic in late Feb./early March
  6. Jim Jewell running pre-season conditioning sessions in early March for senior and junior girls
  7. Schedule
                                                               i.      Senior girls; Feb 26 kick off; March 2-16 Conditioning, march 19 Practices being (MON, WED, FRI, SAT)
                                                             ii.      Junior girls: Practice begins March 31 (days TBD)
                                                            iii.      Bantam girls:  Practice begins approx April 1 (days TBD)
                                                           iv.      Instructional girls;  Weekend sessions begin approx April 22
  1. Girls coaching roster for Spring 2012-Draft 1/12
                                                               i.      Kathy Vita-MacKenzie Vita- Instructional coach
                                                             ii.      George Colton- Bantam coach, Susan Skinner and Sarah Martin asst. coach
                                                            iii.      Joleen Speight and Brian Wilcox  Junior coach-Chris Sloan and Ted Delskey junior asst. coach
                                                           iv.      Jim Jewell- Senior coach- NEED ASST. COACH
                                                             v.      Scott Speight- goalie coach (all teams)
  1. Boys Review from Kevin Foye
    1. Coach selection will be re-evaluated after the registrations are complete
    2. Referee clinics-TBD
    3. Coach clinics-March 4th and 11th.  New rules from CVYL.  They will have coach goalie training prior to March 15TH.
    4. Schedule meeting- Feb 27th for Sr.’s and Feb. 29th for Jr. and Bantams
  1. Committees
    1. Bowers Sponsorship- Joleen and Elaine will meet to set-up new options for sponsorship.  They will be exploring ways to encourage local businesses for Sponsorship.  Re-evaluate liability on form.
    2. Bowers Awards- Options suggested; wristbands, imprinted balls, custom small wrap sticks, water bottles with sponsor imprinting.  Please send any requests or ideas to Elaine prior to Feb. Meeting.
    3. Bowers registration forms-Elaine will update form with Rose and have available for the schedule meeting.
    4. Scholarship committee- Jim Jewell will get together with committee and re-evaluate the application and decision process.
  1. New Business- Elaine has been receiving e-mails for photography offers.  The committee decided to leave it up to the coach’s discretion if they want to offer pictures.
  2. Next meeting scheduled for Feb. 2nd (7 p.m., Kibbe Fuller)
  3. Close