To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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 Meeting Minutes
Submitted by; Elaine Beebe
Date: October 15, 2011  7:00-9:15    Kibbe Fuller Building
Attending: Elaine Beebe, Mark Murdoch, Rick Irish, MaryBeth Marquardt, Jon Paley, Joleen Speight, Kevin Foye, Ken McCarthy, Rich Brewer, Dean Giachello, Fran Marocchini, Rose Zachary, Jim Jewell, Karen Murdoch

  1. Review of June meeting minutes
  2. Review of Budget /Income Expense by Rose Zachary.  Copies of statement available upon request.  Reviewed profits from Bowers Tournament.  Elaine Handed out survey results from Bowers. Copies available upon request.
  3. Set-up Investment Review Committee.  Kevin, Joleen and Mark will meet with investment consultants and review current investments and other options.
  4. Summer League overview- All team fees have been collected and has allowed money available for field improvements.
  5. Fall League overview- Boys-8 Sr. teams, 6 Jr. teams, 2 bantam teams.    Girls; 6 Sr. teams and 4 Jr. teams.
  6. Rec. Board Meeting review from Mark Murdoch.  Mark will write a letter to address the field usage, mowing and lining issues.  The letter will be sent to BOE, Rec. Department and the First Selectmen.  The intent is to have a collaborative approach amongst all the sports in town involving the issues stated above.
  7. Vote on policy change to have 1 vice president and not 2 vice presidents.  This issue was voted on by the attending and all  were in favor of policy change (14 votes FOR change in bylaws, 0 AGAINST).   After meeting, the total SLA membership count was determined to be 20, therefore the MOTION PASSES (2/3 membership required for approval).
  8. Elections of officers;
    1. President-Mark Murdoch
    2. Vice president- Jon Paley
    3. Director-Dean Giachello
    4. Girls Director-Joleen Speight
    5. Boys Director- Kevin Foye
    6. Secretary- Elaine Beebe
    7. Treasurer-Marybeth Marquardt
    8. Assistant treasurer- Rose Zachary
  9. Election of Committees;
  10. Coach selection Committee- Mark Murdoch, Ken McCarthy and Jon Paley for boys; Joleen Speight, Ken McCarthy and Mark Murdoch for girls
  11. Scholarship Committee- MaryBeth will chair the committee. Other members: Jim Jewell, Rich Brewer, Dick Bowers, Rose Zachary
  12. Bowers Tournament Planning Committee - Elaine Beebe is going to approach new parents to get involved.  Liz Devine suggested. She will have names at next meeting.
  13. Goals for 2012 proposed:
           Improve MBA fields / resolve maintenance issues
           Improve Pre-season coach’s training, setting expectations
           President to delegate more responsibilities
           Develop new Board members
           Mark Murdoch discussed issues of “playing time” for each player.  We will make sure the coaches are trained in the board decisions of  “equal play time”.
  1. Next meeting scheduled for November 3, 2011 7:00 @ Kibbe
  2.  Close meeting 9:15