To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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Somers Lacrosse Association
Meeting Minutes
I.      In attendance
Marybeth Marquardt,Trish Olynciw, Mark Murdoch (presiding), Sherrie French, Joleen Speight, Rose Zachary, Steve Suschana, Rich Brewer, Rick Irish, Kevin Foye, John Baley, Karen Murdoch, Mark Trescot, Ken McCarthy, Doug Deal
II.      Approval of minutes from last meeting
Minutes from previous meeting were not read.
III.      Treasures report
Current balances were reviewed, also reviewed were previous years profit & loss results.
Mark & Marybeth are working together on financial system (Microsoft Money), to provide more up-to-date spending reports and status. End of year statements being compiled, and will be needed before decision made to distribute funds into accounts.
IV.      New business
a)      Fall Lacrosse -There were 10 senior boy teams in league, with games held in Somers. 8 junior boy teams were organized in league, with games held in Ellington.
b)      Girl’s clinic being planned for Oct, be organized by Trish.
c)      Winter Lacrosse Plans: 1 team each of 7th & 8th grade boys, 7th / 8th grade girls, JV boys, Varsity boys, JV girls, varsity girls. Registrations to be done online thru Association website. 15 boys per team, 12 girls per team.
d)      Need to look at investments for the Association. Bleachers recommended by Doug. Need to look into (no one assigned).
e)      Ken McCarthy needs additional “mini” sticks for recreation in Middle School. Ken said he would get back to us with the number needed. Board consensus approved purchase of sticks.
f)        Kevin Foye requested clinics to be planned this Winter. Goalie clinic, coaches clinics, and possibly conditioning clinics.

V.      Elections of Board Members
President- Mark Murdoch
VP-Boys & CVYL Representative-Doug Deal
VP-Girls-Trish Olynicw (with help)
Treasurer-Marybeth Marquardt
Secretary-Erin Tynan
2 Directors 1 year Steve Suschana, 3 year Kevin Foye
Joleen Speight will continue to serve as Director (2 more years)
Others: Ken McCarthy, HS Coach
Girls HS Coach not yet identified for 2010.
VI. Goals / Plans for 2010
a) There is a need for more support with the girls program, most importantly coaching.
b) Coaches clinics:
·        Longmeadow hosting a Level 1 Clinic for Girls in October
·        Mark put in request to host a clinic to US Lacrosse, but one is already planned to be held in February in East Lyme
·        PCA program planned again in Jan / Feb / Mar, if we get grant from US Lacrosse.
c) Bowers Tournament date set for June 6, though other details need to be resolved. Deferred to committee to resolve.
VII. Committees
a) Registration - Rich Brewer
b) Coaches Selection / Assignments - Mark and Doug – boys
                                                            Mark, Joleen, Trish - girls
c) Bowers Planning/ Sponsorships - Rose, Joleen, Mark, Doug
d) Bowers Scholarship Selection - Doug, Kevin, Marybeth, Dick Bowers,
e) Communication (Web, Emails) – Rich, Sherrie, Rose (Rose needs a new email address)