To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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Somers Lacrosse Association
Meeting Minutes

November 2009
I.      Call to order
Mark Murdoch called to order the regular meeting of the Somers Lacrosse Association at 7:00 on 11/05/09 at Somers Town Hall.
II.      Roll call
Erin Tynan conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Erin Tynan, Mark Murdoch (presiding), Trish Olynciw, Steve Suschana, Ken McCarthy, Fran Marocchini, Rich Brewer, Joleen Speight, Kevin Foye, Marybeth Marquardt.
III.      Approval of minutes from last meeting
Mark Murdoch read the highlights from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
IV.      Treasurer’s report (Marquardt)
a)      Current balances were reviewed, also reviewed were previous years profit & loss results.
b)      Mark and Joleen will meet with an American funds representative to discuss different options for funds.
c)      2009 financial results reviewed and discussed. 2010 Budget presented, with fees set for 2010: fall-50.00, spring instructional-40.00, spring batams-75.00, Spring-Jr/Sr-95.00
V.      Open items
a)      Fall Ball went well as reported by Kevin.
b)      Girls’ clinic did not happen.
c)      Winter ball: boys 7-8 Fran, girls 7-8 Steve, boys JV Mark, V Ken, girls JV/V Rich. Trish will call parents on the girls’ teams to try to work out the issues and offer to rotate some girls between JV and V.
d)      Mini sticks are needed for the middle school; Rich will get them by sign ups.
e)      Communication; no problems were brought up
f)        Welcoming party table in February. Spread the word on “RENTAL” equipment.

VI.      Training
a) Mark submitted the grant application to positive coaching alliance.  
b) Referee clinics, Ken will inform players in January, after dates are announced. Referees attend for second time at no cost.
c) Coaches clinics
               1. Red cross/First Aid training will be at the firehouse TBA.
               2. HS coach – The girls coach has not been hired yet/ new coaches.
                   3. US Lacrosse level 2 coaches clinics will be in East Lyme for boys and girls
d.) Players Clinics
               1. Goalie, Face-offs
               2. Indoor/ gym time, both will be offered to boys and girls, with a registration                    fee. Ken will ask Brewster to help out.
               3. Steve S. will work on getting some conditioning skills.
e) Elementary School boys and girls  
               1. Ken will look into getting some videos at the national convention.
VII. “Big Ticket items”
      a) Ken will get some information to Mark, Bleachers for the firehouse field.
      b) MBA fields???? TURF
VIII. Committees
            a.      Bowers(Zachary,Speight,Deal)
            b) Boys coaches, CVYL,(Deal)
            c) Girls coaches, Girls League (Speight, Olynciw)
            d) Bowers Scholarship (Deal, Foye, Suschana, Fasano, Dick Bowers) it is now 1,500.00.
            e) Web Site/ Registration (Brewer)
            f) Online Store (tba) Atlantic sports wear, pay back will be 10%, we will post on our web site. Open up Nov/Dec, Mar? for a two week time limit.
VIIII. Close
            a) Next meeting is scheduled for December 3 at 7pm at Kibbe Fuller.