To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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Somers Lacrosse Association

Meeting Minutes



  1. Call to order

Mark Murdoch called to order the regular meeting of the Somers Lacrosse

Association at 7:00 on 12/9/10 in the Somers Kibbee Fuller Building.


  1. Roll call

The following persons were present; Mark Murdoch, Kevin Foye, Rich Brewer, Joleen Speight, Rose Zachary, Ken McCarthy, Rick Irish, John Paley and Elaine Beebe.


  1. Review minutes of previous meeting.
  2. Financial Status
    1. Rose Zachary presented current status compiled of the last 4 years and put into a          Quicken Program. Rose presented a profit and loss for the past four years.
    2. Rose Zachary presented a “break even” budget proposal.  The budget was approved with the following changes; Bower’s team registration will be increased from $300 to $350 and the Association also reserved the right to increase individual and 2nd family member registration fees if the State Association fees were raised.  Discussion of the uniform and t-shirt costs were evaluated and it was decided that no cost changes needed to incur.
    3. Rose updated everyone on the Policy for Reimbursement.  Anyone needing a reimbursement should download a form off the lax website. Fill the request form out and give to Marybeth.


  1. Presidents update
    1. Kevin Foye met with Jim MacFeat regarding field conditions.  New sprinkler heads

                        were put in at the firehouse fields.  The MBA fields have drainage problems and poor

                        conditions.  Jim MacFeat told him there was not a proposed plan to fix them.  Rich

                        Brewer expressed concerns for the girls fields and feels we need to address this before

                        the Bowers tournament.

    1. Kevin Foye is in communication with Jen Charette for Gym time requests.  The Rec.

      Commission waits for all requests and then evaluates availability.  Kevin is seeking   

      Pre-season and seasonal gym time.  Clinic times will most likely be on Sundays and has

      a 4 hour minimal rental fee.

c.   Kevin expressed that we have a need for boy’s jr. coaches.


  1. Winter Session
    1. Rich Brewer will set sign ups.  He will send out e-mail to announce sign-ups.

      There will be 1 boy’s sr. team, 1 boys jr. team, 1 boys high school team and 1 boys jv.

      Team.  Ken McCarthy said we are first on the wait list at the Sport Complex to add

      another team if needed.




  1. Speed and agility clinics
    1. John Paley, Steve Suschana and Kevin Foye are still exploring options at Shallowbrook, schools and other sport facilities for best value.



  1. Spring Registration
    1. Kevin requested suggestions for bigger signage and advertising for the spring.  Rich Brewer said the lacrosse net with wooden sign was very visible but the wood is very old now.
    2. Joleen Speight is creating a flyer to be handed out at SES and MBA.  Elaine Beebe will do the printing and distributing.  The advertising will include an incentive for kids to get a friend to sign up and get a free t-shirt. The t-shirts can be picked up at the live registration to be held at the public library.  Tentative date of Feb 5th or 6th.
    3. Ken McCarthy will be co-coordinating with the SES and MBA gym teachers to do an in school lesson and intro to lacrosse.  This will happen a week or two before registration to entice new players.
    4. Uniforms were discussed and Joleen reported that Atlantic Sportwear is still the best choice for pricing, accuracy and dependability.


  1. CVYL. There was no update on this.



  1.  Girls update
    1. Joleen Speight reported on the previous weeks meeting regarding the girls league.  They set goals for the program to increase coach training, establish clear guidelines and parameters for players at all levels.  Joleen is getting inspiration from the Longmeadow Girls Lacrosse program.


  1. Coaches training
    1. JHU Women’s clinic Dec 11
    2. Ct. Convention January 9th
    3. National Convention Jan 21-23
    4. Level 1 is: 2/12 Smithtown, NY

       3/12 Canton, Ma.

       3/26 Groton, Ma

    1. Level 2 is:  2/5 Stratford, Ct

                         2/26 Smithtown, NY

                          3/27  Groton, Ma.


  1. Close
    1. Next meeting scheduled for Jan. 6 at 7pm at Kibbe Fuller.