To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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Paul Bowers Memorial Lacrosse Tournament
Bad Weather Policy

*The tournament goes on rain or shine - We do not offer a rain date*


For the safety of all players and attendees at the Paul Bowers Memorial Lacrosse Tournament, the following lightning policy will be in effect for the duration of the tournament:


  • Bowers Leadership will determine appropriate stop/start calls based on weather conditions:
    • Decision will be communicated to the referee tent(s) leads using contact(s) listed in the Emergency Contact List.
    • Referee tent(s) lead(s) will then send group text to referees in order to communicate updates
    • Officials/referees will help communicate updates to players and coaches. 


  • Guidelines:
    • Play may be suspended, at the discretion of Bowers Tournament leadership, if a lightning strike is detected within a 5-mile radius of the tournament site OR in the event of other severe weather.
    • All play will stop with the sound of 5 whistle blasts, as well as multiple horn blasts.
    • Coaches and players will be told to leave the field by the officials/referees.
    • Players should go directly to their designated team area as previously determined by the coach/team.
    • Coaches should also watch texts/emails in the event the remainder of the tournament needs to be cancelled.
    • Once activities are suspended, play will not resume for at least 20 minutes after the last flash of lightning is detected OR as determined by Bowers Leadership.
    • Once the call is made to resume play, the decision will be communicated to the referee tent(s) and then referees.  Notification will also be sent via Tourney Machine
    • The “all clear” signal will be given with the sound of 5 whistle blasts, as well as multiple horn blasts.
    • Teams will be allowed 15 minutes to reconvene based on the current time.
    • NOTE: Play will resume in accordance with the time schedule, not from when the play was originally stopped.
Thank you for your cooperation and let’s hope the weather holds out for the entire day.
~Somers Lacrosse Association and Bowers Committee